Metal Detectors


We offer a comprehensive range of S+S Digital Metal detectors for the food and packaging industry. We supply, install, maintain and carry out full calibration and certification of all brands of Metal Detector.


DLS tunnel metal detectors, separable and equipped with digital technology, are used for inspecting bulk materials or individually packaged product on belt conveyors, material slides or vibratory conveyors.


DLS metal detection systems detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc.), even those which may be contained in the product. If metal is detected a signal is sent to the process controller or the reject unit is activated.


The system’s robust design offers maximum resistance to interference and ensures it is highly reliable both mechanically and operationally. The fact that it performs equally well under harsh conditions, either for rudimentary detection or for a specific, demanding application is evidence of its versatility and reliability.


The size of the detector is dependent upon application, conveyor belt width and product height.

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