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Oil & Waste Oil Tanks


Oil & Waste Oil Tanks

Baltor Systems offer a variety of tanks suitable for the storage of oil and waste oil products. All tanks are totally enclosed within a weatherproof outer bund and can be supplied in single or multi compartment configuration. In accordance with the requirements of the Environment Agency guidance document PPG2 the outer bund is of sufficient size to accommodate 110% of the contents of the tanks maximum capacity.

All oil and waste oil storage tanks can be supplied with a variety of equipment to suit the individual requirements of the operator. Typically a 3 compartment tank to contain engine oil, hydraulic oil and waste oil can be supplied complete with:

  • Gauges and overfill alarms to all three compartments
  • Engine oil & hydraulic oil fill pipes contained within a secure cabinet
  • Air operated pumps and distribution pipework for engine oil & hydraulic oil
  • Waste oil connection point and associated pipework
  • Waste oil drain off pipework
  • Optional recoil hoses and dispensing nozzles
  • Optional hose end meters
  • Optional electrical distribution equipment