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Tank Guard


Tank Guard

The Tank Guard System gives you real time view of all your tank stocks, sends text and e-mail alarms when they are low, as well as giving a historic view of tank stock levels.

Data displayed on clear and simple to understand web site:

Real Time update of Web site level after any significant change in stock level.

  • Direct Connection to the Internet using GPRS communications – no costly wiring – easy installation.
  • System data viewable from anywhere using a standard web browser – no proprietary software required.
  • Industry standard TCP/IP data transfer.
  • Remote alarm level configuration.
  • Optional Low Power Radio receiver allows other sensors to be monitored.
  • Web site managed text and e-mail generation to notify of low stocks and other alarms.
  • Standalone Tank Gauging, or integrated with Jigsaw Fuel Management System.
  • Real time clock time stamps each event.
  • Battery Powered Option.

Main Features:

  • Re-order Level Alarm Trigger Point (First Level warning).
  • Low Stock Level Alarm Trigger Point (Second Level Trigger Point).
  • Out of Hours level Fall – Detects leaks or Theft when site inactive.
  • Local Overfill Alarm Option with logged event on web site.
  • Local Bund Alarm Option with event log on web site.