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Environmental Audits


Environmental Audits

At Baltor Systems we understand that the management of a vehicle refuelling installation forms only part of the many tasks which go to make up the overall responsibility of a busy transport business.

Compliance with environmental legislation is vital, but without a full understanding of the many regulations, this can prove a daunting and time consuming task. This is why we offer a full environmental audit service using the Environment Agency Guidance document PPG2 as our yardstick.

Our engineers will visit site and carry out a full environmental survey of your fuel storage and dispensing facility, following which a detailed report will be submitted outlining any areas where we believe the installation falls short of the required standards or where we think improvements should be considered. This report can then be integrated into your overall environmental risk assessment or form part of your improvement plan.

Amongst the many considerations taken into account when carrying out an environmental audit are the position of the tank in relation to waterways & bore holes etc., adequacy of tank bunds, containment of spillage at the fill points, accurate stock measurement, overfill prevention and the suitability of pipework and pumping systems. Environmental audits can be included as part of a comprehensive service contract or carried out on an ad-hoc basis.

Things we check

  • Check compliance with current Environment Agency guidelines.
  • Advise of any deterioration of bund walls or other necessary components of the installation.
  • Recommend any appropriate new products that may provide additional protection against fuel loss.

In addition to the above maintenance we can arrange tank testing and cleaning, tank installation, relocation, removal and decommissioning. We can also undertake annual electrical tests on petrol installations.