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Mobile Bowser Based Fuel Management

Mobile Refuelling

Jigsaw Mobile Refuelling

Where it is not practical or inefficient to bring the equipment to be fuelled to a fuel island, it is normal for the fuel to be brought to the equipment by use of a fuel bowser. In the past this has led to a reduction in fuel security, or at least a reliance on written fuelling information from the bowser driver. Because the jigsaw system uses the mobile data network, refuelling from a bowser is now as secure as on a static fuel site.

In most cases, there is only one product being dispensed, so the Jigsaw Nova system is the obvious choice. Its small size and ability to operate from 12 or 24 Volts mean that it is easy to site on the fuel bowser. If more products are to be managed, or alphanumeric data entry is required, then the Jigsaw Eclipse may be used instead as it too has been designed to operate from a DC supply.

Mobile Refuelling can be as simple as the driver typing in a Plant or VehicleID before fuelling.

On many sites where mobile refuelling is required, there is usually a requirement to also fill fuel cans. By attaching RFID tags to these cans, the amount of fuel issued to them may be managed along with the rest. This type of open ended fuel issue is often an area where fuel goes missing.